What am I up to those days

Bellow: details from the in progress painting 'spacial/partial representation in the
red workshop'


I haven't put anything here since a while.

One (me) could have believed that having a job in an Art Gallery ( Despard Gallery, Hobart) which include a lot of looking after their website ( wordpress), will encourage me to be really active on mine..

One have to believe that the french saying " Le cordonnier est toujours le plus mal chaussé ", which could be translated with the english expression: "the cobblers children are the most poorly shod", is somehow quite right.

Not that I haven't been doing much, I have been busy getting money. Like also, one must do... Sometime with my creations, especially design work, (I made this rad bed for my friend from Tas Oak wood, I am not going to share any pictures of it right here, but perhaps make up another section of my furniture design work in a near future on this website)  and at the Gallery where I am learning heaps about the 'other side of the mirror' and meeting a lot of great artists and people in generally.

Nevertheless I managed to get a bit of time here and there to be in my studio. 

I am sharing here some glimpses of what is happening in there.

I am also really happy to announced that I will be having a solo show at the Top Gallery in Salamanca Art Center in Hobart, Tasmania,  next march.

Above: few drawings from I love being an object serie, there are 12 drawings in the serie so far.

Latest work in progress

Latest work in progress

And my 'Unnamed Goddess is taking shapes.

And my 'Unnamed Goddess is taking shapes.