Totem | 1 | and Cosmic | 1 |

These two pieces have been created during and after my encounter with the artist Camie Lyon. When I met her I already fully experimenting the use of “raw” material (leafs, branches…) since I had just finished Cosmic Dance for a Leaf.

Totem | 1 |

Totem #1

Totem | 1 | was created during a workshop I was part of at Bull Bay Residency on Bruny Island (Tasmania) held by the great artist Camie Lyon.

A worked based on the direct correlation between the creation and the location of creation, an In-situ experiment. Through my peregrinations on the island I got inspired and started to pick up wood barks. My goal was then to create with as less as possible materials and technics; to make a sculpture out of a naïve construction of unproduced materials.

While Camie had asked us to make intuitive drawings while frolicking around the location to get inspiration for a 3D construction, the fallen barks captivated me and leaded me toward angular shapes. A really powerful shape emerged from this alliance of spontaneous material and spontaneous work out of abstract shapes.

This “in between” made me think of the idea of totem; a strong and intrinsic feel from the land and sea scape resulted on the need to be expressing, through Human assemblage, a meaningful and special object; between nature and culture, between reality and fantasy, between concrete shape and symbolism. Totem | 1 | is a piece I never exhibited and kept in display in my own house since then. Somehow Totem | 1 | became an artwork which doesn't really belong to me, as the maker of it, but belong and resonate to itself and the memory of the land for my daily great appreciation.





Cosmic | 1 |

Cosmic #1

Cosmic #1



I then created Cosmic | 1 | inspired by the intuitive technic of Camie. Though this time I tried to go for closed pieces, circular with round shapes, made of finite objects which put together would create a closed shape. It was autumn in Tasmania and nature was stunning with its reds, oranges and yellows. Cosmic #1 is for me a 3D landscape made from the encounters of mixed technics of creation.