God.co is an installation and audio piece, duration 16.37 min

"Enter in, Believe and pick up a phone
Or Enter in, pick up a phone and Believe
Or Believe, Enter in and pick up a phone
Or Believe in the artist and pick on her..
No, no don't pick on her..
Pick up the phone and wait for God
If I had say Godot I will have look smart
But i didn't..

On this modern time our company
understand your need for answer,
We are putting the excellence of our Gods
to your service.
Welcome and thank you for joining us
Please stay on the line"

The artist Edith Perrenot

God.Co, on an humorous way,
questions a metaphysical need of answers.
The uncertainty of things, the vacuity of our human condition.
The necessity of the Beliefs.

God.Co talked about the religions
and a society where everything is advertisable,
buyable, ready to be consumed by the holy consumer.

God.Co is offering the service of the Faith and the one of the Wait.

God Company guaranties the excellence in all aspects,
the high commitment and the personal care you need from our True staff Gods


God.Co is a conceptual project which tends to be continued.
The Phone box is the first installation of the God Company.
Other installations will come.
I am working on a wall of truth by God.Co at the moment.

God.Co will soon become a real business too.
You will be able to purchase some shares
in exchange of an original God.Co artwork
and give the possibility to this Company to flourish
on its creativity.