What am I up to those days

Bellow: details from the in progress painting 'spacial/partial representation in the
red workshop'


I haven't put anything here since a while.

One (me) could have believed that having a job in an Art Gallery ( Despard Gallery, Hobart) which include a lot of looking after their website ( wordpress), will encourage me to be really active on mine..

One have to believe that the french saying " Le cordonnier est toujours le plus mal chaussé ", which could be translated with the english expression: "the cobblers children are the most poorly shod", is somehow quite right.

Not that I haven't been doing much, I have been busy getting money. Like also, one must do... Sometime with my creations, especially design work, (I made this rad bed for my friend from Tas Oak wood, I am not going to share any pictures of it right here, but perhaps make up another section of my furniture design work in a near future on this website)  and at the Gallery where I am learning heaps about the 'other side of the mirror' and meeting a lot of great artists and people in generally.

Nevertheless I managed to get a bit of time here and there to be in my studio. 

I am sharing here some glimpses of what is happening in there.

I am also really happy to announced that I will be having a solo show at the Top Gallery in Salamanca Art Center in Hobart, Tasmania,  next march.

Above: few drawings from I love being an object serie, there are 12 drawings in the serie so far.

Latest work in progress

Latest work in progress

And my 'Unnamed Goddess is taking shapes.

And my 'Unnamed Goddess is taking shapes.

'Flower grow in warm places' installed

'Flowers grow in warm places' is now installed and to be view in Art Farm Birchs Bay, Woodbridge, Tasmania. This is a happy shot with me in it at the opening night, took by my friend Joshua Reilly. "Flowers grow in warm places is a multi-dimensional visual and sound installation. I will soon make up a page under my "installation" category in this website for you to be able to see it fully. If you are in Tasie, please come visit ! 

Edith Perrenot 'Flowers grow in warm places'

Ghost's dresses update

A bit of progress for the Ghost's dresses painting. I still have the middle one to go on. I last worked on it before my vacation in NZ . Maybe tomorrow program, at least the colorfull 'Icone super-hero' one ( look at the post above) will get my inspiration tomorrow. 

I am also working on new paintings

I have now a great easel, and you do understand what it's "eas" like "easy" in the word easel. Make things much better for me. This one is a work in progress that I call 'Ghost Dresses' at this time, with acrylic on canvas.

Ghost Dresses in progress

Ghost Dresses in progress

Long time no post. What's new !

'Flowers grow in warm places' have involve so much from the drawing.  This is a construction view. You will be able to look inside the little house from different windows. The sun and a tree are also elements of the installation. I will post new picture as soon as it is ready to be installed. . 

'Flowers grow in warm places', construction process, 2017 

'Flowers grow in warm places', construction process, 2017 

Flowers grow in warm places

edith-perrenot-support-material 2.jpg

I draw this sculpture plan few weeks ago. I really want to start working on it soon, need it. It will be something a bit different of what a normally do, really dreamy and aesthetic, more feminine perhaps ; and I already love so much the object who will born in 3D. Since a long time I want to start experimenting with rigidified fabric, flowers grow in warm places are the perfect sculpture for it.

Thoughts about a collective exhibition

Thoughts about an exhibition which could be called 'Sunday morning, a dot in a human landscape'

What is a Sunday morning?

Just an anonymous Sunday morning amongst a pile of potential Sunday mornings.

One more, one less in the accumulation of this particular moment so called Sunday morning that everyone experiences many times.

But is there such a thing as The Sunday morning ?

Nothing is motionless. Humans are by essence between things. Attempting to portrait something is an attempt to capture a constant movement.

Time is passing over the landscape making it always a new one, an inexhaustible subject of projection.

Is there such a thing as the essence of the things?

Creating is somewhere fixing in the time. The unique shape of the creation engages an affirmation of the it is, it's something, it's now, it will be.

And somehow work about the paradoxes of fixing the moving, making appear the unstarted, the unfinished because the nondescript notion of what is what.

A following of the holly Saturday night, the morning before the cursed Monday, an idea of a church somewhere in the past, a family meal on a rainy day, a severe hangover, a particular loneliness on a half cold bed, a song of the velvet underground, a Sunday morning.






Back from motherland time travel

I am back in Australia from a few months travel back "home" in France. Is't difficult for me to apprehend what this mixed culture have like impact on me and my work. France have been really busy emotionally. I have the sensation to be full of colors and ideas and new sens of "realities". I am now back to my workshop and i feel than things are still fermenting, like if i was still in the heart of the changing. 

Crocodiles of the Tasman

Edith Perrenot
May 20 - June 10
Opening: Friday May 20 6pm
From 6pm in the Old Distillery Gallery - Artist talk, The Dusty Miller Mountain Chorus and of course, wine. 
With her self-described genre, 'neo-naive pop' , Edith paints striking impressions of the world through her eyes. Humerous, bold and though-provoking, her paintings probe similiar questions in the playful style of her sculpture work.