Cosmic Dance for a Leaf

'Cosmic Dance for a Leaf ' followed my first design-oriented experimentation:  Lamp | Female | Male  | a design equilibrium |

Here I explored further the possibility given by dead leafs picked up directly from the ground to make a flexible material that I use to create shapes and structures.

'Cosmic Dance for a Leaf ' is an ephemeral installation: under the cycle of nature and the elements, the sculpture will, bit by bit, crumble to finally disappear.

 The suspended cocoons are made of the surrounding environment where I gathered them. They are modified and put together, shown to the people: humanised, transformed and cultured through technic.

Cosmic Dance is a mobile structure activated by the wind and the sun: like leafs would be afflicted by the element in the nature, they keep being influenced even though they’ve been transformed.  They came from the ground and will be shattered again to the ground after the decay. "Nothing disappear everything evolves through transformations".  The word “Sculpture” is associated with solidity, rigidity and weight, I wanted to play with the codes and make this fragile structure, blown by the wind and shut down by the rain, a visually powerful edifice.