~"We're a twist, a turn, a muddle" Philomath 2017 ( the year of the start)


Philomath is a haphazard encounter.

If luck has anything to do with anything, great luck happened in our city of Hobart.

Heather, Paula, Lisa, Mary, Anna and Edith met and Philomath it was.

Philomath is the intertwining of a common desire to play and experiment with music, there is no start or end, there is no one Idea but plenty of great ideas!

And the will of sticking together and the strength of having fun and give it a go.

Philomath is an improvisational band which don't feel the need to be defined as that as we don't think is a need for boundaries. Philomath is made with passion, love and laughter.

We want you to discover this journey with you and we hope you enjoy the ride, because we do.


Photos Pip Hicken