Flag of Phagia

Flag of Phagia

The edification of Phagia : It’s happening. It’s arising. It’s insinuating itself.
It sneaks up deep down into the depths of human body.
We have to contemplate it, to wish for it, to digest it.

Phagia is a nation. It’s The Nation.

Phagia is a fictive State.
Its territory is no other than the body of its own citizens.
Both inside and outside, tiny and immeasurable, in a perpetual movement.

A Phagia's event

The essence of the State is symbolically concentrated in the food we are invited to eat during Phagia events.
While we’re eating this Phagian’s food, the Idea of the State is insinuating itself in out body, taking possession
of every blood vessels,
of every muscles,
of every single networks
and thus we become citizen of Phagia, entirely and for ever and ever.

The newborn citizens then carry the State wherever they go.
Phagia doesn’t have boundaries or borders.
The map is changing constantly as the bodies which constituted it. The art work and the people become one.
The Spaces of inside and outside are being questioned.
People are becoming “Politic” and “Politic” is becoming the people.

Phagia's cultural tools and Phagia's art pieces

Who governs us?
To whom our bodies belong to?
Eating, dressing up, mourning, could that somehow be political actions? 
What does that mean to be a citizen?
Where is the line between public and private Spaces?