Idoll question the importance of representation, the creation of our own meaningful world and values.

Using cultural archetypes, Idoll is a proposition of new Idols who interrogate notion of ritual, sense of self, adoration and feminity. 

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"Adore it,

Adore it,

I doll is The Beginning and The End.

I doll is The Full and The Emptiness.

I doll is The Total and The Chaos of this reality.

I doll is The Perfect, the Beautiful, The Wrong, The Corrupted, The Absolute.

I doll is The Essence of The Being as I doll is nothing but a possible soul incarnated.

Adore Life and it’s Diversities

Love those and all

Love is the only valid form for our Humanity.

As Art made me

Art is making you

As you Idol I command you

To love it and Adore it."